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Mission Visas for short term gigs in UAE

Dubai Visa processing

This is good news for employers, who have a short term task to be done and don’t need to get into the hassle of hiring a permanent employee, as well as for potential candidates who are looking for work in UAE.

As per a report in the Gulf News, expats who wish to work for a short time or on probation can enter the country on mission visa which is for 90 days.

People who enter the country on visit, transit and tourism visas cannot work and cannot obtain a work permit here.
People caught working on visit visas will be deported and banned from entering the UAE forever and employers will be fined Dh50,000 for each such work.

However, expatriates on visit visas cannot obtain work permits within the duration of their visas and those who come on visit visa to look for a job must leave the country once they find a job after which visas can be processed as per rules for employment visas.

To ease out some of the hassle involved in this process, Ministry of Labour has a type of visa called Mission Visa, which can be applied by the sponsoring company. Mission visa is valid for entering the country for 60 days and the holder of such visas can stay up to 90 days after entering the UAE. This kind of visa is renewable once for another period of 90 days after which expatriates on mission visas have to leave the country.

People who enter the country on mission visas need to obtain the mission card from Ministry of Labour which can be converted to work permit and continue to work.