Parking Fee Hike at Dubai Airport

Parking Fee Hike at Dubai Airport 1Dubai International Airport doubled parking prices for some time slots, a move that has not been received well by residents.

Parking B in terminal 1 remains the lowest-priced parking in the airport, but it has also seen a significant increase. Those parking their vehicles in parking B will have to pay Dh5 for half an hour and Dh15 for up to two hours. Earlier, it was Dh5 per hour.

Parking A in terminal one has doubled, from the previous Dh10 per hour to a new fee of Dh10 per half hour.

An hour costs Dh15 whereas two hours costs Dh25. Parking for more than one day would cost Dh240. Parking at terminal 3 is even higher. It is Dh25 per hour.

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