Incompetent Customer Service By Mashreq Bank

Every day in Dubai makes you wonder how business booms here and why investors and businessmen across the globe come here, considering the pathetic customer service provided by most of the insitutions established in Dubai.

Take for example, Mashreq Bank, with slogan of ‘we do banking, you do life’. How inspring it seems, but reality is quite different.

A friend recently informed me about the worries induced on him by Mashreq Bank. He has a business account with them. One day he noticed a deduction of Dhs 250 from his account. As he was out of UAE, he contacted them through e-banking support about this unsolicited deduction. After sending the complaints few times, he was informed that the deduction was made because he has to submit renewed copy of his Trade Licsense. When he asked why he was not informed about this earlier and why the charge was made without prior notice, Mashreq Bank opted to remain silent. He was referred to a customer support person who is so incompetent that he can not extract the scanned copy of Trade License from his email, do not respond back to emails or SMS messages.

After 10 days, his issue is still pending. The customer support person is insisting to see original Trade Licsense, despite the fact that my friend is telling him that he is not in UAE and unable to visit for next 3-4 months.

My friend filled their online feedback forms but received no response from that either. Mashreq Bank has no other way of making a complaint online. Is this the way to do banking?

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30 Responses to Incompetent Customer Service By Mashreq Bank

  1. SHI October 24, 2016 at 2:07 pm #

    I have send AED.200 through Mashreq Snapp to India. Mashreq Charged me Aed.25 as Service Charges from my account and in India received only AED.120. When I compliant Mashreqbank informed me in SNAPP application service charge is “Sharing ” by default. It is the sender who decide who bearing the service charge. Not the bank. I used SNAPP Mobile application transfer the amount and there is no option to select for the service charges and it is not mention in any where in your terms & conditions that In SNAPP the default is “Sharing”. So Mashreq response in invalid in this case. Because of Mashreq incomplete Mobile App I lost AED.80 dhs when I transfer AED.200. As per the information from Mashreq bank (Ms. Alisha), it is not the responsibility of the Mashreq to track where the AED.80 was gone. As I understood that ICICI bank is the correspondent bank of Mashreq Bank in India and ICICI bank informed me that a complete detailed swift copy is sending back to Mashreq bank when a transaction received . But Ms. Alisha from Mashreq Bank rejected and saying that they are not receiving any report from their correspondent bank in India and they wouldn’t mind what other bank charges . Infact I lost the money in the air for using most rated mobile app in UAE. And also Ms.Alisha said that they have already escalated this issue to their IT department to adding service charges option in SNAPP application. From this I can surely said that I lost the money because of the error in Snapp. If the option is not Sharing as default , the full amount would have received in India.

  2. Gopalan Vasudevan August 27, 2016 at 12:22 pm #

    I am experiencing poor customer service from Mashreq. When i went to their Riqa office, there was no queue before me and almost all cubicles there were no customers but still i need to wait since all the customer service representatives were in one cubicle and doing chit chatting without bothering about customers waiting .

  3. Alex August 24, 2016 at 8:08 pm #

    I apply for personal loan for my wedding 2 months ago as per Mr. Victor who was dealing with me all will be fast and easy. I transfer my salary and give all required documents to the bank Victor said all good. Later after I ask for updates he reply was the company is not listed with the Mahsreq bank and it mean he requred additional documents to list the company . I contacted my collegues from HR and they said all good let the bank ask for the documents we will send all to them.i provid to Victor all dtails even mobile number of the person dealing ith this documents in HR of the company i am workinh on. Victor continue saying to me that all in process for one more month after that he inform that the company i am woking for can not provide all the requred douments. I contacted my company they never receive any call from the bank with the list of requred document. I took the list from Vicktor and send it to my company. I am really shocked that Victor was lying to me for one month that all in process when he didnt even ask my company for documents. I will not get personal loan on time for my wedding and i could just use any other bank !!! Terrible service !!!!

  4. Anish August 18, 2016 at 10:08 pm #

    This is a very bad bank. In terms of service and behaviour. Everything that says is lie. I recommend everybody not to go this bank.

  5. Salman August 9, 2016 at 8:12 am #

    I was dealing with Mashreq Bank only for 3 to 4 month , that bank with worst customer service , call centre staff do not answer customer inquiries. I advise people do not go this bank ever for any services.

  6. Manoj December 20, 2015 at 10:42 pm #

    The customer care call service is one the worst services I have ever seen. I have tried to call them for some queries at various times. Every time my call was put on-hold and it was unattended for 5-6 mins. Then I got frustrated and hung up the call.

  7. Paresh Dass November 4, 2015 at 12:33 pm #

    Dear All,

    Me and my wife visited the Mashreq Bank located in Karama opp to LULU supermarket the new branch which opened recently.
    We reached there around 3.05pm in the afternoon and received the token for TS service we wanted to buy mashreq millionaire certificates for Aed 10,000 each.

    After waiting for 20 mins our number was called by Mr. Shaikh and we can see him he is already in a hurry for closing time.

    As soon as we said we want to buy mashreq certificates he called the helpdesk lady and shouted at her for not giving us the form before to fill since we are waiting for 15 mins or so.

    Than he got us the form and made us fill the form with zero eye contact and pathetic customer service. I was thinking why at all he was placed there when he does not follow the basics of front desk.

    After which we were asked to go to teller counter to pay the amount but before that he stressed us on saying that issuance of the certificate will take half an hour why don’t you come back tomorrow, I told him my wife having off only on Wednesdays other days I cannot bring her so we can wait and we proceeded.

    On reaching the teller counter the local guy behind the counter is in no mood to do the transaction as we noticed earlier while we were waiting in the bank, each transaction was taking more than 15 to 20 mins.
    Than we fall in queue and we were the second to pay since we had the token for TS service and no more customers so Shaikh said you can go directly to teller to pay the amount.

    On seeing us second in the queue the Local guy calls in some local lady I believe she may be the branch manager how sad to say that and she calls in the helpdesk lady asking her did you issue any token for teller on seeing us in the queue.

    The helpdesk lady her name is Vanona says no they are here before the bank closed for mashreq millionaire certificate and they have the token for TS services hearing that the Local lady straight away said the certificate printer is not working and they have to come back.

    I felt like tearing the form in front of her and saying you are not doing us the favor and we are waiting since so long none of the person said the printer is not working not Vanona nor Shaikh I clearly felt she was lying and common its the new branch.

    These kind of people are black mark on your organization they don’t know the basics of customer service.

    Shaikh and the local lady are the demotivating factors of that branch.

    I was doing transaction in Mashreq, bank street, bur Dubai branch which closed and I must say the service provided there was Awesome and Exceptional.

    Kindly rectify this problem and arrange for trainings for the staff.

    One most un happy customer.


  8. Mike April 1, 2015 at 2:18 pm #

    I have only been with Mashreq bank for about two months, but I can’t wait to leave them. There is a fundamental problem with this bank, staff attitude being one of the most problematic. This is compounded by a management that obviously doesn’t trust its own staff. For example, I was sitting in the bank with my passport, Emirates ID card etc etc., to apply for online banking I had to fill in a form (fine) and THEN SUBMIT A SEPARATE LETTER ON COMPANY LETTERHEADED PAPER TO TELL THEM MY MOBILE NO!!! I didn’t have any letterheaded paper so I had to go to a shop, design it, order it, wait for it, pay for it, just so I could tell my bank my telephone number!!! WTF!!!

  9. Eyad March 25, 2015 at 10:38 am #

    In summery Fraudulent and rip off bank. Avoid unless a survival matter.

  10. Richard January 24, 2015 at 2:29 pm #

    Worst Bank on the Planet, they charge you if you withdraw and they charge you if you transfer or pay anything.. Hopeless services.
    Net Banking does not work properly.

    God Save everyone who has an account with this useless bank

  11. Paras December 11, 2014 at 1:42 pm #

    really very poor services by customer care..every time you call, you have to hold the line more than 20 minutes…slogan is “We make possible”…really you are d worst bank ever in my life….

  12. edcnair July 19, 2014 at 2:11 pm #

    One of the worst Banks i have ever dealt with. First of all they give false promises to open a account. I was promised a one time free transfer to open an account with them. However once the account was opened they didn’t fulfill the promise stating that it was misinformed by the sales staff. Now very recently they have deducted credit shield from my CC account when i have clearly mentioned to the inside sales staff that i am not interested in credit shield. Sometimes i feel the bank has lost it ethics for offering banking services. Charging for services which i have not availed is as good as theft..

  13. Haris July 23, 2013 at 10:35 am #

    One of the worst bank in UAE. Customer care department is a big waste. They are not solving the customer complained. I tried 3 months continously to get my credit card statement in email. I registered Mashreq online and contacted several times to customer care and complained department.Whenever I am contacting them for update of my complained everybody saying me a typical answer which is ” WE ARE WORKING ON IT AND YOUR PROBLEM WILL SOLVE WITHIN 48 HOURS” which never come.Due to all these experiences finally I decided to cancel my credit card.

  14. RO February 1, 2012 at 7:33 pm #

    Dear Mashreqbank,

    I am appalled at the service and shocked by the handling of how you treat your customers.
    I have been for now one week trying to gain a simple 2 page statement and have went through numerous calls,call centre agents,
    team leaders and of course Reem from your complaints division.
    Yes i am fully aware of procedures but when your systems have a glitch/technical fault it is time,money and inconvenience to your customers.
    Your systems certainly need an upgrade immediately and with the competition out there its by far below standards.
    This is my second mishandled case being a new customer in less than three months and i am disgusted!
    Mashreqbank has got to be the worst bank I have ever came across in my life.
    I have lost all hope and faith thus far after 2 horrible experiences.

    As discussed with you Imran and Reem its pointless receiving the statement today,
    further it is a disgusting and unproffesional scan you attached herein with the dates cut off.

    I have had to leave work and inconvenience myself to get to a branch in deira were it took over 30 minutes to print a 2 page statement, again incompetency!
    I made myself very clear to the staff the sitting at counter 1 ref ticket s214 that he cancel the pending requests (briefed him on the problem) and he confirmed
    that he had sent an email to your department to cancel forwarding the statement by email as well as pending requests.
    I also made it clear that I DO NOT want to be billed again as I had received the docs physically and have payed the charge.
    Working as a corporate professional holding a senior position, with this comes being influential and im certain my company
    who has a corporate agreement with Mashreqbank as well as the rest of my colleagues would be very interested to know
    the handling and mistreatment of Mashreqbank towards their customers.

    May I suggest that when a customer is mishandled you make exceptions to fix the problem in the least possible time.
    I also suggest that your team leaders at the call centre are further trained and are competent enough to think out of the box rather than use your common
    reply of ‘a mail has been forwarded to the concerned department’ repeatedly.

    Finally after getting the docs myself I scanned them and forwarded them and since the deadline was reached hence it was not accepted.
    I have not only lost my time but my client and personal business deal thanks to Mashreqbank.


  15. jul January 23, 2012 at 5:22 am #

    Absolutely true that mashreq banks customer service is a catastrophy and their way to deal with money is soooo very unprofessional . I always have a feeling that their staff has no financial education at all and therefore they have no clue how to deal with money. Let me tell you my story ( and I have absolutely nothing outstanding or unpaid bills with the bank and never had). Visiting their “Priority banking” in the first floor of jumeirah branch recently.There was NOONE at the reception to welcome or even greet me. Standing all alone in the waiting lobby. No tea or coffee offered.Everyone is busy with something else. I knock on some open door( self service mode) and ask if anyone would be free to assist me with my priority banking needs. A busy lady finaly found time for a small customer like me . She asked me to follow in the small meeting room. One round table was standing there – AND NO CHAIRS ! Imagine no chairs in priority banking section! The lady appologized so heartfully and so sweeeeeet , but actuelly it felt so cheap again. Okay she organized two chairs. Office boy came in to connect some cable under the table and started crawling around just under my feet (By the way I am a lady )while the mashreq lady happily and self indulged tried to give me an advices how to invest money .She requested the office boy to prepare two cups of coffee , and here comes the hummer !!!!!!!! He answered—— : “I cant , I am busy at the moment” . This is priority banking with mashreq ! Indeed a rubbish bank! Even the telephone which was standing on the table was so grey and covered with dirt and dust.
    I already opened an account with another bank. All comments which were written here before by other fellows about this bank are true , I can only confirm.All their slogans are so hollow and so far , far away from their reality.

  16. vineet December 7, 2011 at 1:29 am #

    Understand the feelings of my friends out there.This is pretty much a story with all the banks in UAE .I am a Mashreq bank client (Bank accounts and investment accounts)for the last 7 years and I havent faced any major problems comparatively with the other Multinational banks.One imp tip which I could provide you all is to have a Relationship Manager or get in touch with a Relationship manager with the bank.I have one and he is very helpful promt and professional.May be I can suggest you all my RM as i have suggested him to many of my friends and the are also happy with him.

  17. priju December 7, 2011 at 1:18 am #

    See I agree with my fellow brothers out there.
    As I have read through almost all the post what I gather is that many have issues regarding the credit cards.please understand that if you dont pay back the money on time , its not just mashreq but all the banks across the globe would charge from you the same way and once you are not paying none of the banks will be speaking to you nicely as that is their money and business.****Please understand that a credit card is not just a easy shopping instrument and it can only be owned and used by someone who is disciplined in terms of payment on time.********** Its quite a human behaviour to use money and conveniently forget about the payments and this is where the credit card companies make money.You cant say why they are charging a high interest on the same as they are ***Unsecured loans *** For the kind information there are lot of cases where clients use the money and run off also. i am not promoting any bank but just sharing certain facts. Please dont feel bad.

  18. Mike January 9, 2011 at 9:11 pm #

    Mashreq is slowly going down, I have been banking with them for 17 years now and these little charges they have started to apply for various things gives an insight of things to come.

    Sadly, I will have to find another bank to move.

  19. Mubin January 4, 2011 at 8:47 pm #

    About me it’s a Kachra Bank in the whole uae. they are always telling that “WE DO BANKING YOU DO LIFE” i want to tell them that they have to change this. it’s should ” YOU DO BANKING WE TROUBLE YOUR LIFE”
    i want to tell the uae goverment to take legal action agianst this bank. because them intrest rate is too high, i have credit card(limit is 6000 dhs) continuesley 2 years i paying the minimum amount but still the 6000 yet not paid it’s mean 24 months i paying only intrest. if the mashreeq bank is taking intrest it’s HARAM for them. i want to tell every body in uae that don’t dill with MASHREEQ KACHRA BANK.

  20. ARch September 7, 2010 at 11:14 am #

    I have taken a easy cash with mashreq, fill up the required documents and faxed to them and they even called for verification, everything is fine I recieved the money but after 2 months i was wondering they did not charged me for any payment then I called mashreq to check wondering why they didnt charge anything to me, then I found out that they have charged it to another person who’s the same name with me, and that person also complained to them for charging him… Now the very shitty situation is, one day someone called me from mashreq threatening me to pay all the amount or if not they will complain to police for taking the money that (they think mistakenly deposited to my account)I explain but they wont believe me until I made a letter and attach my application form for easy cash(luckyly i still have it) and picture of text msg from my mobile informing that i had the money.. It took 6 months before they settled the situation and never apologies to me.. Never expected to be happen to me.. To All avoid Mashreq Bank or careful might happen to you a bad thing..

  21. KARGI SIMBH August 25, 2010 at 1:38 pm #

    My brother was here in UAE since 2002 and had a Mashreq Bank Credit Card, he left UAE in 2006 while leaving he paid 3500 of his total outstanding with the bank. last month a legal notice was sent to my home in Manipur India for an outstanding of 59000AED(fifty Nine thousand AED), i though maybe my brother was lying to us for his debts. I contact my friend in Dubai who checked with the bank for the actual due amount is only 2300AED two thousand Three Hundred only. They said he need to pay minimum 16000AED to get settlement. My brother confirmed his credit limit was 6000AED….I cant understand how this bank is charging interest and how can they ask for such nonsense amounts.

  22. shams August 24, 2010 at 3:59 pm #

    i was going for a job interview to mashrek bank but to see their staff deficiencies i am very much worried that is it best institution for my career growth?

  23. Hani August 16, 2010 at 9:09 am #

    I had all my funds (we are talking 6 months rent cheque savings – thousands!!) transferred out of My Mashreq Personal Account – not authorised. It has been 2 months now – my local branch won’t tell me anything – I have been in 10 times they never call me back. Not once has anyone apologised/offered to help/ called me up to explain what is going on.
    Absolute JOKE!!!! The first time I went in extremely upset and frustrated I got laughed at.
    I have had two phonecalls to tell me my online account will be reactiviated within 24 hours – this was 4 days ago.
    Completely and utterly useless. None of my emails / complaints have been answered.
    The second I get my money back I am closing my account and moving to Emirates NBD and advising EVERYONE I meet NOT to bank with Mashreq.

  24. Khan February 1, 2010 at 10:49 pm #

    Mashreq Bank Not only doing stupid things with customers also with staffs. None of the staffs would like to work at Mashreq because of situation they are working.

    They fire people without any reason.Managers ask employees “If you resign, we will provide you Good Service Letter if not we will terminate and provide bad character letter. including HR everyone is very un-professional.

    do not do any business with Mashreq. They are very cunning. I still can not understand why government is not taking any action against them

  25. sachs October 23, 2009 at 2:32 pm #

    Mahreq is one of the worst when it comes to customer service and takes advantage of the their situation simply because there is no serious customer protection units to challenge their practices. I took a vehicle loan and decided for an early settlement. They wanted me to pay 5% for the outstanding balance , whereas if I had paid this money over the regular period , it was only less that that. When I took the loan, the terms were different and I was told that I would have to pay 2.5 % interest for the outstanding. But they changed this term unanimousely for their favour . When I asked the manager, she even told me that she had to pay the same amount for an early settlement of her car loan. What a lie!!!! as a matter of fact everyone knows mashreq employees get auto loan free of interest. Anyway, a recent gulf news opinion survey reflects one simple fact – People do not trust banks. My 10cents to the folks out there, eventually such institutions will collapse , now it this their time to cheat and make money…we have seen that many times over but will not survive when the enviornment opens up.

  26. V.X. JACOB October 7, 2009 at 11:02 am #

    Mashrak Bank Customer Service is the WORST Customor serice that we have dealt with. IRRESPONSIBLE AND INSTEAD OF SOLVING THE ISSUES THEY ARE CREATING ISSUES.

  27. karun joseph September 27, 2009 at 4:55 am #


  28. priyanka June 16, 2009 at 5:10 pm #

    Avoid dealing with Mashreq Bank…. they jus harass you like anything, if i skip in a payment the minimum waiting time is basically 3 months but this bank will harass yo otherwise also. I guess they have no other job rather than harassing their clients. and specially when it comes to selling of their credit cards, they will not let yopu breath till you take it or else will bravely make you fall in shit by saying that its compulsary if you apply for loan, u got to take it. I have gone through this.

  29. JCK May 11, 2009 at 7:49 pm #

    Credit card facility!! rather a disability. Mashreq bank harasses you week after week till you take the credit card. Even though it takes one phone call to apply for a card, without any paperwork. Try cancelling the same card, without even receiving this card. Your life is a living hell. They will block the entire credit amount against the so call credit card application. It takes 2 hours for the so called credit card section to handle 6 customers. Height of incompetency!! One of the customers complained of chest pain and left the bank. What happens if someone dies, in this case, with anxiety? It is pure stress caused by the lack of service.
    I recommend you to approach them with caution. Even if you have Mashreq certificates, that is another story altogether. Customer service advise you to deposit AED10,000 or above and the service charge of AED 25 will not be charged. Go to their cashiers, they come up with other stories. If & but clause. You start shouting at them, and suddenly one senior person comes and takes you to their desk. They do everything for you. What a service? Upset the customer and then try to pacify him. Shame, their management focus on such customer service practice. The only person working in the branch was the office boy, making copies, bringing water to customers and queue combing.

    “We do banking, you do life sentence”

  30. Kai May 3, 2009 at 5:31 pm #

    Stay clear from getting any credit facility from them. I missed a month’s payment on my credit card and two “gentlemen” visited my workplace to demand me to make a payment. HOW DID THEY EVEN KNOW THE EXACT LOCATION OF MY WORKPLACE????? I felt that my security had been compromised. And that harrassment for a month of delayed payment?!? I’ve been charged all the fees they could possibly think of, and then they go and harrass me at my workplace?!?! Quite unprofessional this lot!

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