Emirati representative mandatory for large companies


In a bid to further tighten the Emiratization policy, Ministry of Labor has clarified hat it will not deal with large companies that don’t have UAE nationals as their representatives.

Humaid bin Deemas, executive secretary of the ministry said that The ministry would also ensure that the Emirati representative is genuine, and not employed to meet the requirements.

As per the rule, any company with more than 100 workers must have an Emirati representative. [PRO]

Any attempt to present an Emirati, who is not on the company’s rolls, would attract 100 black points and penalty of Dh20,000.

Similar action will also apply to companies that indulge in human trafficking or employing illegals.

Companies that do not follow the Wage Protection System to transfer workers’ salaries, as instructed by the ministry, would also be dealt with seriously.

Insisting that companies that do not issue labour cards for workers will be fined, the ministry has recently slapped a fine of Dh1,000 on a violator.

The official said there would be no let in penalising companies that fail to follow the requirement since the grace period allowed ended on December 31, 2010.

Fines of Dh1,000 for each month of non-renewal is now being applied for each month that passes.

From: Emirates 24|7

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