Traffic Violation Fines Generate Dhs 600 Million For Dubai

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In recent statistics revealed by Dubai police, traffic violators in Dubai paid Dh 600 million (about USD 160 million) as fines in 2008.

2.46 million traffic fines were issued in 2007 as opposed to 2 million fines in 2007, said Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Dubai Police chief.

Intensifying traffic patrols and more speed radars have helped to reduce deaths due to road accidents, said the police chief.

There is a 12 per cent dip in road deaths in 2008, from 332 deaths in 2007 to 294 deaths in 2008, he said.

The most dangerous road is still Emirates Road with 46 deaths in 2008, compared to 67 in 2007. Close behind is Shaikh Zayed Road with 24 deaths in 2008, compared to 54 in 2007.


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1 thought on “Traffic Violation Fines Generate Dhs 600 Million For Dubai”

  1. Recently on my way back from Dubai to Abu Dhabi @ 3.30 in the morning i happend to run over a burst tyre piece on the road which tored my front bumper. To make the repair we had to get it done through insurance and obviously had to get a police report. After many desperate efforts at many police stations in Abu Dhabi, i was asked to go back to the accident spot and call SAAED. At the same spot SAAED responded and produced me a report which cost me AED300 + notification from RTA that i committed a traffic offence.

    I still dont understand why i had to get back to the same location? what is the mistake from my side? Had to break immediately @ 120 km/hr speed? and risk the life of my family from other vehicles speeding behind me? or steer away to another lines with same afteraffect?

    I think RTA should have had a more scientific/practical approach

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