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There might be several reasons behind a person’s decision of relocation to Dubai. For instance it could be a better lifestyle, high salary, good education quality, or unemployment in your country. Relocation to Dubai is a good idea but you must take notice of a few things before moving in there.

Dubai relocation
Dubai relocation

What to consider before Relocation to Dubai:

Already got a job in Dubai or yet to find one: This is the first and foremost point you must consider. If you have already gotten a job then good enough but if not, then moving to Dubai with no job could turn out to be very costly.

Your salary in Dubai: Once you have successfully got a job, the second point that you should consider is your monthly income. An ideal income if you will be living as a bachelor in Dubai is Dhs.6000 to Dhs.7000. But if you are shifting to Dubai with your family then your monthly income must be above Dhs 10,000. However, it also depends on how more or less you spend.

How many will you have to feed? This is the most important point you should keep in mind. But you are shifting in Dubai all by yourself then you will not have to invest much in your food and clothing. But if you are moving with your family, then you have to start with knowing the number of family members, how many will be earning from them, what are your children’s requirement, just food and clothing or also education, if you have an old age parent then what are their monthly medical expenses, and so on.

Your accommodation in Dubai: The next factor to consider before relocation to Dubai is the living costs, which includes food, clothing, house rent, and education. For a single person, living costs may not be a lot specially as they have a chance of living in sharing or studio flats which have less costs. But if you are moving with your family then more the number of bedrooms, the more will be their rent. Moreover it also depends on the type of living standards you want. If you want to live a posh lifestyle then getting an apartment at JLT is a good idea, though the rents are very high in there. But if you want to live a decent lifestyle yet with a reasonable rent, then you should prefer looking for a flat in Deira, Bur Dubai or Karama.

Education in Dubai: Education is another big factor that you must think about. To start with, the level of education that is required by your child. Talking about schools, the schools that follow the Pakistani or Indian curriculum, have less fees than compared to those schools which follow the British or American system. Coming to universities, universities in Dubai are particularly very expensive and you must have the complete details of the fees that your child wants to enroll in. Once you get an idea about the education costs in Dubai, you got to see if they are fitting within your monthly income or not.

Maintaining a lifestyle in Dubai: You will never regret at your decision of relocation to Dubai as Dubai as a very different lifestyle. You will come across people of every nationality and race. Dubai is a combination of everything, such as malls for shopping or hanging out with friends, cinemas for entertainment, parks for leisure time and restaurants providing you with a great variety of cuisine including the place you belong to so you will never feel homesick in the matter of food.

Relocation to Dubai might take up a little effort in getting a job, searching for the right place to live and best institute to educate in, but once you are there, you will know that it was worth all the efforts.


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