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A change is always inevitable and if this change is dynamic, almost everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon and gain as much advantage as they can. Do not blame traditional campus-based learning institutions globally, if they are too adapting to online learning and making the best use of internet to educate students through simpler yet modern learning methods.

When the international academic experts and opinion-makers still argue over the usefulness of computer-based education, we need to admit, whether good or bad that online learning is here to stay. This is the very reason why, traditional campus-based academic institutions do not exist anymore in any part of the world. Yes, traditional learning trend is in fact on the verge of extinction at this very moment. A high number of academic institutions have already gone online; others have incorporated a blended learning approach into their systems while a few are still conducting classes in huge lecture halls. However, a majority of academic institutions are choosing to be online because they too love the internet.

Think Beyond Classrooms

Remember when you used to recall your class lectures, to do well in surprise quizzes or to solve math problems during exams. Wasn’t that a nerve-racking experience? Thanks to technology, students studying online are more blessed today. All they need to do is, enter their online classrooms through their personal computers or mobile phones and explore the learning material on offer; during, after and even before their online classes. This freedom of accessing class lectures and other course material, whenever they want to, is actually providing them more options to get all their queries answered without being flooded with too much information. Since, students can make their concepts clear even before a lecture is delivered to them and supporting their understanding during exams, more and more students are successfully completing their education.

No Back Rows, Just Learning  

While studying online, you are either fully engaged in your studies or not at all, depending whether you are present in your online classrooms or not. There is no dividing line. On an average, an online classroom contains 11-12 students, sitting in different parts of the world acquiring wisdom through education without compromising their personal or professional commitments. As a student attends an online lecture in Singapore, another student will be attending the same lecture while being in China and their real-time interaction with their online instructor will be on person-to-person basis. The idea is to gather students in small classrooms and educate them through painstakingly designed online programs. No favoritism, no ignorance…this is the beauty of technology-supported online education.

Everyone’s Cup of Tea

Certain problems become problems of your life, when they are not working for you at all. Talk about Math, you need to be really an expert if you want to get good grades in your Math tests. Online learning has made it easy for students to do their Math. Apart from online class lectures and 24/7 available online instructors, academic institutions are also using computer software for helping their students in solving all kinds of Math problems on their own.

So, do you not also think that online learning is the future? Academic world is indeed in a state of change, a change that has so far been successful and guiding colleges and universities to combine education with technology, making learning experience of students interesting and effective.


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