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A place like Dubai, where everything including medical fees are very expensive, it has become a requirement of every expat to own an expat health insurance in Dubai. So before moving to Dubai you must have a complete knowledge about the expat health insurance in Dubai.

Expat Health Insurance in Dubai
Expat Health Insurance in Dubai

How will you benefit from an expat health insurance in Dubai?

Owning a health insurance will keep you at ease as you will not have to worry about sudden health problems during times of financial crisis or even when everything is fine. A health insurance will help you pay your medical expenses. There are various types of health insurance programs. Such as one which will pay 100% of your medical fees and there are others with different amounts of percentages.

How to get an expat health insurance in Dubai?

Many times the company or the organization where you will be employed may provide you with an expat health insurance in Dubai for you and also at time for your family. If not, then you can apply by yourself at any hospital or health center of your choice and even upgrade the existing one provided by your sponsor or your employer. There is a nominal fee that has to be paid after which the health insurance plan will be activated.

Dubai Hospitals

Fortunately, you will come across many public and private hospitals in Dubai. They are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so no one has to face any timing issue when visiting a doctor. The emergency department could be availed at all times in case of an unforeseen mishap. The private hospitals are usually made very luxurious and have a very comfortable environment.

Available Doctors and Specialty Centers

When it comes to specialty centers in Dubai, there are not many. Before applying for an expat health insurance in Dubai you must be very well aware of the fact that mainly there are general practitioners and dentists available and very few specialized ones. Though specialized doctors like orthodontists, orthopedics, pediatricians and ENT etc are found easily in Dubai. But you will rarely find doctors who are specialized in some particular disease, for instance cancer. This is because mostly specialized doctors leave for abroad. One of the largest and the recently built hospital is the Gulf Medical Center (GMC) where you will find a large variety of doctors. But one major drawback is that it is very costly and expats belonging to Asian countries are not able to afford them until or unless they have a high amount of salary. And one might prefer getting treated from abroad. So it will be a good idea to own an international health insurance.

Purchasing Medicines

One thing you really should keep in mind is that many medicines, especially one with very heavy doses cannot be bought without a doctor’s prescription. Also, many sleeping pills and antidepressants are banned in Dubai and you will not be able to find them in Dubai or take it with you in your luggage. If you are on such a medication than it is better to get a prescription written for an authentic doctor in Dubai or ask your doctor to suggest you an alternative medicine which is easily available in Dubai.

International health Insurance

Check out the hospitals and medical centers in Dubai and they will help you with the process of applying for an international health insurance which will support you in paying for your medical treatment expenses even outside Dubai.

As an expat, you must apply for a health insurance as soon as possible because you never know when one might need the doctor.


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