EIDA failing to meet targets for Emirates ID Card

EIDA officials are still presistent that there will be no change in December 31 deadline and Dhs 1,000 fine will be imposed on Emiratis unable to register for their ID cards by the deadline.

Target for December 31, 2008:

– Emiratis 825,000
– Expatriate Professionals 600,000

Registration completed by November 30, 2008:

– Emiratis 596,000
– Expatriate professionals 107,000
– GCC nationals 8,000

Residents yet to register:

– Emirates 229,000 left
– Expatriate professionals 493,000 left
– Total remaining: 722,000

This implies that EIDA has to register at least 38,000 residents per day, without any day off, to meet the targets.

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