Tourists in Dubai to get a free mobile SIM

Taxi Commuters in Dubai have to pay Salik toll tax from 2013

Salik tax on Dubai taxis

Taxi rides in Dubai going to be dearer at least by Dhs 4 per trip, if you are passing through a Salik toll gate. Consider this as a New Year gift by the RTA.

The Salik toll system, when introduced in July 2007, was also applicable to taxis. However, following numerous complaints by commuters who felt cheated, the toll was scrapped for taxis from December 2008. There are currently four Salik gates in Dubai, situated at Al Garhoud Bridge, near Mall of the Emirates on Sheikh Zayed Road, Safa Park and aAl Al Maktoum Bridge.

Taxi operators have been asked to upgrade their meters to a recently introduced system called D8, in order to automate the process of adding Salik fee to taxi fare.

Its time for the residents of Dubai to put their legs to work, or use a Metro. God bless you, if you’re an unsuspecting tourist.

More than 30 billboards on Sheikh Zayed Road removed for displaying provocative messages

More than 30 billboards on Sheikh Zayed Road have been removed on grounds of displaying provocative messages.

sheikh zayed road billboard dubai

Emirates 24|7 reports an unnamed company was selling advertising spaces on billboards attached to light poles along Sheikh Zayed Road.

The billboards had teaser messages in Arabic and English, contained big blocks of phrases including: “I am yours”, “Buy me”, “I’m available”, “Talk to me” and “Call me now”.

Dubai Municipality has taken down these billboards considering them as displaying provocative messages.

The ads were brought to the notice of Dubai Municipality after members of public complained.

Dawoud Al-Hajri, Director of Planning, Dubai Municipality said: “The department responsible for advertising, immediately took the initiative to review the documents of the advertiser and content of the ad itself.

“It was discovered that the ad was booked via the Internet, and received approval on the internet.

“The company’s aim was to advertise the signboard space itself, inviting advertisers looking for ad space to consider using these billboards.”

Images: Emirates 24|7

dubai mall open after coronavirus lock down

Salik Extortion: Business Bay residents have to pay the toll, even for grocery run

Salik on Business Bay DubaiSalik, the toll system in Dubai, was supposedly implemented to ease congestion on Sheikh Zayed Road. However, it seems that it is now being using to extort Dubai residents.

Emirates 24|7 reports that Business Bay residents are crying foul over new roadworks that have blocked all other access points in and out of the area, forcing them to use the Al Safa Salik tollgate.

Some say access point to enter the district from the toll free Al Khail Road is still open, but the exit road is blocked off, forcing them to re route their cars and head to Sheikh Zayed Road.

Even a run to the grocery store is now forcing us to drive through the tollgates,” said Akanksha Mehta, a resident of Executive Towers in Business Bay who said the routes were blocked as early as the first week of April.

Mehta calculated that between her husband and her car, their daily average now in just Salik fees alone is Dh16 each.

“If this continues we will be forced to pay Dh350 a month in just Salik!” she said.

Another resident, who did not wished to be named but also resides in one of the Executive Towers’ blocks, said: “I don’t believe this excuse of construction work is really true. All I have seen are sandpits being shifted from one place to another, but no actual roadwork ever taking place.” The two-year-old resident of the neighbourhood blamed the Roads and Transports Authority.

The RTA reportedly collected Dh776 million in Salik fees in 2009 compared with Dh669m in 2008 and Dh214m over six months after July 2007, when the toll was introduced in Dubai. Car owners are charged Dh4 for passing through the gates.

Business Bay boasts a prime location, with average rents ranging between Dh60,000-Dh70,000 for a one-bedroom flat, Dh70,000-Dh90,000 for a two-bedroom and Dh95,000 to Dh110,000 for a three-bedroom.

Traffic Violation Fines Generate Dhs 600 Million For Dubai

Dubai Traffic

In recent statistics revealed by Dubai police, traffic violators in Dubai paid Dh 600 million (about USD 160 million) as fines in 2008.

2.46 million traffic fines were issued in 2007 as opposed to 2 million fines in 2007, said Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Dubai Police chief.

Intensifying traffic patrols and more speed radars have helped to reduce deaths due to road accidents, said the police chief.

There is a 12 per cent dip in road deaths in 2008, from 332 deaths in 2007 to 294 deaths in 2008, he said.

The most dangerous road is still Emirates Road with 46 deaths in 2008, compared to 67 in 2007. Close behind is Shaikh Zayed Road with 24 deaths in 2008, compared to 54 in 2007.