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Skycourts Towers in Dubailand without air conditioning since last 10 days

It is scorching hot in Dubai with mercury rising above 40 degrees during the day.

This is the time when even the thought living without air-conditioners is nerve shattering. Consider the misery of those who have to live without cooling for 10 days.

Skycourt Towers DubailandEmirates 24×7 reports that Skycourts Towers in Dubailand, the 6-tower landmark on the Dubai-Al Ain highway, is having air-conditioning issues since last 10 days.

The Owners’ Association Management has set up a notice in the elevators which admits to a “cooling issue”. It reads:

We regret to inform that there has been a cooling issue in the whole Skycourts buildings for last two days. The reason for the disturbance in the cooling service was attributable to a technical issue in the Empower facility… therefore could not provide the required standard cooling temperature to Skycourts buildings.”

“We are in direct contact with Empower since the issue [was] identified and they have assured that their teams are currently working round the clock to resolve it.”

The residents believe Owner Association is at fault.

As, a resident asked: “Why [the] AC is not working in my apartment? I’m paying my bill as well. Worst service from Skycourts…. Bad smell comes as well but still nothing has happened from last 4 months.”

Another resident, NN, reacting to the notice said: “Couple of days? It not cooling for the last 10 days! I’m waiting for the day we finish the contract and move away.”

WA pointed out that “It’s not the filter or servicing. An engineer friend had warned me that the chiller system in Skycourts will not be able to meet the cooling demand in summer. Its capacity is just too low.”

One of the residents pointed out that the corridors are cooler than the homes to which another quipped: “Let’s all shift to the corridors… or put up tents next to the swimming pool :).”

Life is not as easy as it seems in Dubai.

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Welcome to Global Village, Dubai

Global Village is what the name suggests, a village erected in Dubailand on Emirates Road representing more than 30 nations of the world. At Global Village one can observe diversified cultures and traditions, from Asia, Europe and Africa.

This year Global Village is happening from 12 November, 2008 to 21 February, 2009. Directions adn pavilion details can be checked at their website.

Following is a video of Palentine folk dance which I recorded in last year’s Global Village. Enjoy!

Please share your experiences of Global Village!