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Find a job in Dubai

How to find a job in Dubai

The job market in Dubai is competitive due to the number of foreigners attracted to living and working there. Dubai is expecting an economic growth of at least 5% this year. The economy is booming comparatively to recession infested economies of UK, Europe and America. If you are eager to find a job in Dubai, […]

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Cost of Living in Dubai

The hidden costs of living in Dubai – Expenses, Rents and Fines

Dubai is projected as a tax free heaven, especially to expats that hail from countries with high tax rates. People, coming to Dubai, thought that can earn and save a lot so that they may retire peacefully after working some years in Dubai. The reality is quite different. Dubai is not all glitter and there […]

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Financial and Social Side of Dubai

Dubai — The Financial Sector and Social do’s and dont’s

When moving to Dubai, you’re moving to a part of the world that has a very different culture and customs from the West. Put a foot wrong and you can end up in trouble with the authorities or with the locals, depending on your misdemeanour. Here are a few things you should know to make […]

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