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Are you planning to relocate and looking for the best movers in Dubai? Are you wondering about which moving company to choose? Look no further. Here is everything you need to know about movers in Dubai and how to select the best moving company out of the lot.

Types of movers in Dubai:

Dubai has a variety of moving companies ranging from specialist movers to full service movers. These movers include:

Home Movers in Dubai
Office Movers in Dubai
Partial Moving Services in Dubai
Self service movers in Dubai
Truck rental services in Dubai
Specialty movers in Dubai
Long distance movers in Dubai
International movers in Dubai

Home Movers in Dubai:

As majority of expat residents live in rented places, home movers in Dubai are in huge demand. Home moving companies range from end-to-end movers to men-with-truck who will load the stuff from one place and unload to the other.

If you have the budget, go with the specialist home movers. The team of expert movers will disassemble the furniture, dismantle the fixtures, pack everything in boxes while bubble wrapping the fragile stuff. Everything will be professionally loaded, transported and unpacked at your new place – saving you the hassle and stress that comes with home moving.

Office Movers in Dubai:

Moving companies in Dubai also cater for the business and commercial customers. It is possible to hire movers specializing in moving stuff from offices, shops and factories.

Partial Moving Services in Dubai:

In case you have specific items to relocate, you can opt for partial moving services. For example, you can call the movers to move your heavy furniture and fixtures etc, relocating the smaller stuff yourself.  Partial moving services are suitable to move from a shared accommodation to another.

Self-service movers in Dubai:

If you are in the mood to do the packing and unpacking yourself, call up a self-service moving company. The self-service mover will park the truck outside your place. Once you have packed and loaded your stuff in it, they will drive it to your destination where you have to unload and unpack it yourself.

Truck Rental Services in Dubai:

Some movers in Dubai provide truck rental services.  You can rent a container truck and then get some help with loading and unloading. Truck rentals are suitable when you are moving away from Dubai and taking everything with you.

Specialty Movers in Dubai:

There are certain type of movers in Dubai that deal with specialized moving. These specialty movers can help you move fragile, flammable and expensive stuff.  Specialty moving companies have trained staff and specialized equipment to move delicate and sensitive goods from one location to the other.

Long distance movers in Dubai:

If you are planning to move out of Dubai, you need long distance movers.  Long distance movers are equipped with containerized trucks and relocate your household or office from one Emirate to the other.

International moving companies in Dubai:

Finally, if you are leaving Dubai, you can hire an international moving company to move your goods abroad. A good international mover can prepare and package your belongings for the overseas destination and also help you with the relevant paperwork and red tape.

Where to find movers in Dubai?

There are scores of moving companies in Dubai  You can find contact details of the movers in newspapers, Facebook, online forums and classified websites. Doing a Google search for “movers in Dubai” will also yield some helpful results. You can also reach out to friends and family and ask for their recommendations.


Tips for finding the best movers in Dubai:

Finding a professional mover that ticks all the boxes require some effort. Here are some of the things to consider when searching for a moving company in Dubai:


You need to check whether the company you are considering has enough experience. Hiring an experienced moving company is crucial. You do not want inexperienced movers handling your stuff. When hiring a moving company, always make sure they are experienced in the type of moving you are hiring them for.


Always ask for references and previous work examples. If possible, reach out to previous customers and inquire about the professionalism and services of the moving company.


Make sure the moving company provides insurance. This would safeguard the transportation of your belongings and would allow you to claim damages in case the moving company mess up in anyway.

ISO certification:

While ISO certification is not a must, it is good to hire a certified company as this would ensure that the company is following proper standards while moving your stuff from one place to the other. All well-established companies in Dubai are ISO certified so finding an ISO certified moving company in Dubai won’t be an issue for you.

Finally, the question stands. Is hiring a moving company worth it? To make the decision easier for you, we will weigh the pros and cons of hiring a professional mover in Dubai.

Advantages of hiring a moving company:

Less stress:

Packing and moving is a lengthy and tedious task. It is also time-consuming and can be overwhelming. Letting packers and movers do this job is, without doubt, less stressful. You can use that time and energy into something else- be it your job or mentally preparing yourself to move to your next dwelling.


Packing an entire place yourself can take days or even weeks. The process of disassembling, packing, loading and unpacking will eat up your time. Hiring a professional mover will help you save your time.

Saving money on equipment and supplies:

Packing yourself means you have arrange for the packing and loading materials. Professional packers and movers will bring their own supplies and could even lend you boxes and crates to fill up for moving.

Less damage:

Accept it or not, there’s always a chance of damaging goods in transportation. Everyone has fragile and delicate items in their possession which could get damaged while moving from one place to other. This is one of the foremost reasons of hiring a professional moving company.

Expert movers will make sure goods are transferred safely from pickup to destination locations. Some of these movers are so sure of their services that offer to compensate for any damages caused by the transportation.

When a moving company is not best for you:

Moving companies can be expensive.

Professional moving companies can be expensive. However, convenience has its price and if you want piece of mind and stress-free transportation, this is the price worth paying.

You have little control.

Allowing a bunch of strangers to handle your personal or official belongings requires a level a trust. This may also raise a sense of loosing control, resulting in frustration and depression. Some belongings have sentimental values. Letting a stranger handle them might make you feel uncomfortable. However, rest assured, this can also be resolved amicably and certain ground rules can be agreed before the moving company starts its work.

Ultimately, deciding whether you should or should not seek professional help while packing and moving depends on your budget, time and patience. Dubai is a busy city, with too much to do in too little time. If you can afford a moving company, it is best to go with one and have some piece of mind while moving your stuff from one location to the other.


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