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More on Emirates ID Card extension

As noted earlier, due to failure in meeting its targets, EIDA has extended the registration deadline for professional expatriates from December 31, 2008 to February 28, 2009. However they are still playing with words, saying they have rescheduled the dates for ID card registration.

Now the registration of expatriates working in the government sector and all professional expatriates (Category 1) will continue till February 28, 2009.

Registration of Category 2 – which includes administrative staff in private sector (translators, secretaries, typists, storekeepers and receptionists) and students – will start on March 1 and will continue until June 18.

From June 20 to September 30, Category 3 can register. Category 3 includes private and public transport drivers, unskilled or semi-skilled workers in private sector, like housemaids or servants, cleaners, farmers, fishermen, security guards, watchmen and other labourers.

Construction workers in the private sector, under Category 4, have been allotted the longest time frame: from October 1, 2009 to December 31, 2010.

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Only One Job Cut Victim Turned Up For Free Meal

As noted earlier, Arabian Park Hotel in Dubai offered free meal to redundancy victims in Dubai. The offer started from December 15.

However, according to Arabian Business, only one person turned up on the first day to avail the free meal offer.

“We’ve not had as high an interest rate as I would have hoped and expected,” said Mark Lee, general manager of the three star hotel.

Hmmm. I am sure the hotel would had a house-full at every meal, if it was in Pakistan.

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Parking Fee Hike at Dubai Airport

Dubai International Airport doubled parking prices for some time slots, a move that has not been received well by residents.

Parking B in terminal 1 remains the lowest-priced parking in the airport, but it has also seen a significant increase. Those parking their vehicles in parking B will have to pay Dh5 for half an hour and Dh15 for up to two hours. Earlier, it was Dh5 per hour.

Parking A in terminal one has doubled, from the previous Dh10 per hour to a new fee of Dh10 per half hour.

An hour costs Dh15 whereas two hours costs Dh25. Parking for more than one day would cost Dh240. Parking at terminal 3 is even higher. It is Dh25 per hour.

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About Deira Clock Tower

Deira Clock Tower

Deira Clock Tower stands at the gateway of Maktoum Bridge, first permanent structure to straddle Dubai Creek, providing a vital link between Bur Dubai and Deira.

One of Dubai’s oldest landmarks, the Clock Tower was reconstructed in 1989. The steel reinforcements used to build the tower had corroded as concrete had not been used in the original construction. Unbelievably, the clock faces have only been replaced once in its significant history, in November this year.

All four clock faces were replaced with Omega models, incorporating GPS devices for accuracy. This also removes the need to manually change the hands on the clock.

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EIDA failing to meet targets for Emirates ID Card

EIDA officials are still presistent that there will be no change in December 31 deadline and Dhs 1,000 fine will be imposed on Emiratis unable to register for their ID cards by the deadline.

Target for December 31, 2008:

– Emiratis 825,000
– Expatriate Professionals 600,000

Registration completed by November 30, 2008:

– Emiratis 596,000
– Expatriate professionals 107,000
– GCC nationals 8,000

Residents yet to register:

– Emirates 229,000 left
– Expatriate professionals 493,000 left
– Total remaining: 722,000

This implies that EIDA has to register at least 38,000 residents per day, without any day off, to meet the targets.

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Lost Your Job? Arabian Park Hotel in Dubai Offers Free Food

free food in recessionArabian Park Hotel in Dubai is offering free food to UAE residents who have recently lost their jobs. This free services for the victims of the credit crunch is available from Dcember 15, 2008 to January 15, 2009,

General Manager Mark Lee said: “To remind people of our value for money we’re launching this special offer. Anyone who has lost their job simply needs to bring along their redundancy notice and their food is completely free.”

The complimentary dinners will be offered in the hotel’s Brasserie restaurant.

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Expats have to pay for Health Card while renewing Visa

Expatriates renewing their residence visas in Dubai will have to shell out an extra Dh300 for the health card that is now compulsory.

Asma Ali Zain of Khaleej Times reports that according to this new rule, implemented from December 1, 2008, residents now have to pay a total of Dh550 instead of the Dh250 charged for the medical fitness test earlier.

Before a residence visa is stamped/renewed, applicants have to undergo screening for diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B & C, tuberculosis and syphilis.

Though a person applying for residency in the UAE for the first time has to obtain a health card, renewing it had not been compulsory until now.

A health card (valid for one year) was also made compulsory for renewing visas but the date when it would come into effect was not announced. The health cardholder can avail of basic health services at low cost only in government hospitals and clinics.

As per the new rules, health insurance policyholders do not require a health card, though the policy certificate has to be attested by Dohms at a cost of Dh200.

Maisa Al Bustani, Head of Medical Fitness Centre at Dohms, had explained to Khaleej Times earlier, “If the resident does not hold a health card and has a valid health insurance policy, Department of Health and Medical Services will charge Dh200 to attest the policy certificate before the screening is done.”

However, residents who have valid insurance policy said they were forced to pay for the health card when they went for visa renewal.

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Eid and National Day Holiday in Dubai

Government sector in UAE will have 10-day holiday from December 2 to December 11 to mark UAE National Day (December 2) and Eid Al Adha.

Private sector will have 3-day holiday (December 9,10,11) for Eid Al Adha, while they all get one day off on December 2 for National Day Celebrations.

Wishing a very happy National Day to all in UAE. How you are going to celebrate your National Day and Eid holidays?

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Property and Real Estate Companies Cutting Jobs in Dubai

nakheelDubai has felt the heat of global recession and at least property and real estate sectors are already in downsizing mode.

Nakheel, Dubai’s real estate master developer, made 500 people (or 15 per cent of its global workforce) redundant while scaling back projects.

This is the second biggest confirmed job cut in the UAE so far, and comes after two developers, Damac and Omniyat confirmed a total of 269 – 200 by Damac and 69 by Omniyat.

All other major developers have earlier said they are revising headcount downwards, as business activities in Dubai’s real estate has come close to a near halt.