The Murder of Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh, Mossad and Dubai

Mahmoud al-Mabhouh assassination

The investigation of alleged murder of Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh continues with new revelations on each day.

As Ronen Bergman of Wall Street Journal puts it: Nearly everyone believes that the 11 alleged members of the hit squad that killed Hamas leader Muhammad al-Mabhouh last week in Dubai are Mossad agents. Seven of the 11 identities used were stolen from other Israelis with dual European citizenship.

Carol Huang of CS Monitor also believes that for now, public pressure is growing for Israel, whose spy agency, Mossad, is widely believed to have carried out the Jan. 20 murder and forged at least 11 European (two Irish, six British, one French, and two German) passports to do so.

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