Prostitution in Dubai: Places to avoid in Dubai

Dubai is a progressive city, ever expanding and innovating. The liberal visa policies and relaxed rules in Dubai attract huge numbers of people every month who arrive in the Emirate for work, visit and fun. Some have different (and often lewd) definitions of these terms than others. There is a dark side to Dubai about which every resident expat, and visitor should know and avoid as much as possible. Once such aspect is prostitution in Dubai.

Prostitution, fornication and adultery are illegal and punishable crimes in UAE. However, the free-market approach has created lacuna and loopholes that are exploited by those involve in this “profession”. Prostitution in Dubai is alive and kicking, as strongly as the desert sun that shines in the day.

Prostitutes in Dubai

prostitution in dubai
There was a report published in Nigerian Political Economist that narrated accounts of Nigerian women working as prostitutes in Dubai.

These women, some in their twenties and thirties flock to Dubai with tourist visa, operate as commercial sex workers for months and use the money to buy goods for sale in Nigeria. The report mentioned Astraf Hotel and Rhami Hotel in Deira as part of Dubai sex market where Nigerian women work as commercial sex workers. Their clients are mainly visiting African men including Nigerians, Asians and Arabs.

Nigerian women for reasons bordering on hardship at home have found a lucrative trade in the Dubai sex market. Nigerian women flood Dubai to prostitute. It is called ‘Dubai Runs’. They fly into Dubai, operate as commercial sex workers for a month or two, use the proceeds from their ‘trade’ to buy goods before returning to the Nigeria.

Places to avoid in Dubai

Here is a list of hotels and places that are major contributor to prostitution in Dubai. These places must be avoided especially if you are here with your family. (list from GrapeShisha)

  • York Hotel (upstairs bar)
  • Imperial Suites Hotel (Stayin Alive)
  • Panorama Hotel (Jockeys Bar)
  • Regal Plaza Hotel
  • Sea View Hotel (Filipino Bar)
  • Astoria Hotel (TGIT)
  • Hyatt Regency Deira Hotel
  • Hotels near Al Nasr Square
  • Hotels near the Fish roundabout in Deira
  • MarMar Hotel on Yousef Baker Road
  • Radison Blu (Kubu International)
  • Moscow Hotel (Red Square Club)
  • Metropolitan Hotel (Rattlesnakes)
  • Hyatt Regency (Premier Bar)

There are certain massage parlours in Dubai that are also used for prostitution.

While researching for this topic, I saw this hotel coming up in Google search results for the phrase prostitutes in Dubai. Not sure if it is a case of ambitious keywords to target customers or the hotel is involved in the business.

prostitues in dubai

Disclaimer: This post is written as a warning to the visitors and resident expats of the dangers that lurk around the corner. The places mentioned in this post are to caution the visitors. The writer has not personally visited those places and relying on published information. If you feel that some place is mentioned incorrectly or if there is something that you can add to this, please use the comments section.

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    Apart from hotels, some girls use their monthly rented room for prostitution

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