Pay-as-you-throw waste disposal fee postponed in Dubai

Pay-as-you-throw waste disposal fee postponed in Dubai

Dubai Municipality’s Waste Management Department has postponed the pay-as-you-throw waste disposal fees and fines, a day before the date of implementation of the decision.

Few months ago, it was announced that all buildings in Dubai will be charged for waste collection as Dubai Municipality has decided to outsource waste collection service to the private sector.

When the waste disposal fee was announced, the waste transport companies announced that they would pass on the fee, taken for disposing waste as per its weight, to their clients generating waste.

Representatives of many companies had also aired their concerns about the impending financial burden on them as they were asked to register a bank account with the municipality for deducting the waste disposal fee every time their trucks dump the rubbish at municipal facilities.

Though officials had not provided the amount to be deposited by these companies, some company representatives had told Gulf News that this will range between Dh3,000 to Dh500,000 per month — depending on the operations of the companies.

Transport companies were also told that they must use RFID tags on their trucks transporting waste which will be scanned at the smart gates of landfills and treatment plants. Each tag will cost Dh300, company representatives said.

However, now the pay-as-you-throw waste disposal fee has been postponed.

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