How to become a successful HR Manager in Dubai

HR manager jobs in dubai
Dubai of late, has been blooming with immense growth prospects under its umbrella. Being home to the most populous city in the UAE, there for sure is immense one can seek in the emirate. From the likes of working in the best professional environment, to leading a lavish life full of all amenities and financial health you need, seriously, there’s everything to the bliss of a professional here.

You see accountants, civil engineers, doctors, sales managers and people from a zillion other profiles flocking from around the world to live in an economically sound climate, which is hard to find anywhere else on the globe. However, one profession that binds all of these together is the field of HR. Human Resources today has a dire significance in Dubai, with corporations searching for talented HR managers greedily!

Goes without saying that the perks of scoring such an in-demand profile are numerous. But, understanding the role and it’s features in the emirate stands as an imperative task for you to understand first. Hence, the section to follow will deal with the same and let you gain a clear insight about HR management in Dubai.

What it takes to become a successful HR Manager in Dubai

  • The first thing that comes to mind is the industry specialization you should have prior to applying for an HR management role in any Emirati corporation. While in Dubai, HR roles are more or less similar, it might just happen that the dynamics shift between small and large employers and even different industries, for that matter of fact. Employers in Dubai eagerly look forward to hire HR professionals with some pertinent industry experience. Hence, focus your application on different firms within industry spheres you have prior experience in.
  • One skill that has worked to the rescue of every job seeker in Dubai is the know-how to negotiate efficiently and this works in every profession nearly. HR managers splurge time on a daily basis, carrying an efficient chain of communication between the employees and the upper-management. Hence, HR professionals who hone their negotiation skills are able to drive efficiency in the workplace and keep the workforce morale high in amount. In short, one quality every recruiter in the emirate looks forward to.
  • In addition to these, another thing to keep handy in your kitty is being updated with the latest info about HR practices followed around the globe. Worldwide, the best HR strategies are those which promote globalization alongside growth and innovation at workplace. Of late, Emirati employers have been laying due stress on executing talent and HR strategies for a robust organizational structure. It’s time to move away from traditional learning and have a new approach towards the corporate world. One that suits employers round the globe.
  • Last but not the least- having some international experience in your portfolio. Dubai’s population is growing at rate of 5% per annum nearly and the expatriates have been playing a major role in the same. This makes it quite clear. You should have the experience and knowledge to source and hire applicants on a global level. Plus, management of a workforce having blend of professionals from different social backgrounds stands as an imperative task too. This is where your internship and previous work accomplishments have a part to play. If it’s an HR manager’s job you’re targeting, efficiently demonstrate your international HR experience.


Choosing to work as an HR professional in Dubai doesn’t mean that you need to have a Masters’ or some specialization necessarily. It is a specific set of skills any employer here looks for. Once that deems fit, everything else falls in place and before you know, you’ll be on the next flight to this exotic emirate.

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