Selecting a private health insurance provider in Dubai

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has implemented new legislation under which all residents, expat and Emirati, as well as their dependents, must have health insurance. While Emiratis are covered under a government-funded scheme, expats will need to make their own arrangements to make sure that they are covered under a suitable private health insurance scheme.

The good news for anyone considering working in Dubai is that companies are required to provide private health insurance cover for their expat employees. While they will not be required to cover the spouses and children of employees, they are encouraged to do so by the government.

If tasked with finding your own expatriate healthcare policy or choosing the correct level of cover, would you know where to look or what you should be looking for?

How to select an expat health insurance provider in Dubai?

Finding the right health insurance provider in Dubai is no easy feat. There are so many service providers out there with various plans and packages. So, we asked Principle Assurance what you should look for when shopping for the right overseas healthcare plan.

principle-assuranceWe chose Principle because they are an established expat health insurance provider operating in the Middle East. In fact, the Middle East is just one of their regions, as they have a client base of individuals (many of whom are expat retirees) and corporations located in over 120 countries throughout the world. You could say that they are at the forefront of developing cross-border solutions designed to protect the world’s growing mobile population.

Here is a summary of the main points to consider when looking for the right international private health insurance plan.

Cost: Even though most of us are loathe to admit it, the first thing we usually look at when considering insurance is the price – even when it concerns something as important as health insurance cover. It shouldn’t matter, but it does, you want to be able to afford the policy. Some providers maybe prohibitively expensive or may even try to sign you up to a policy that you don’t need. For example, if you don’t travel much in your job, why pay for worldwide cover? A reputable customer focused provider will explain the benefits of their plans and recommend the best one to suit your family’s or employees’ needs.

Coverage: Private health insurance providers generally offer different levels of cover. Another question that needs to be asked is whether your insurer will also cover your children. Also, what about evacuation and repatriation – are these covered?

Credibility – can they pay your claim?: If the worst should happen and you fall ill, you want to know that your insurer has the capacity and financial clout to pay out on your claim. Again, the better the company, the less quibbling and the quicker they will pay.

Regulated and authorised: This goes hand in hand with credibility. Make sure your insurer has the necessary licences to operate within the global insurance industry. It is vital that they are regulated, authorised and audited by the appropriate regulatory bodies, thereby ensuring that they have the liquidity to cover 100% of all claims.

Customer care: You don’t know when you will fall ill or if you will need to be treated as an emergency, so you need an insurance company that you can speak to 24/7 – preferably in your own language.  Once you get through to the claims service, you should expect to receive authorisation quickly and efficiently.

Essentially, when you’re in Dubai you need private health insurance, so you may as well take some time to find the most cost effective comprehensive cover available.  There is nothing more important that making sure your health is in good hands, so it pays to do your homework.

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