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Registration Proccess for Emirates ID Card

Registration Proccess for Emirates ID Card
Registration Proccess for Emirates ID Card

As per Emirates Identification Authority, the registration process for Emirates ID Card is as follows:

1. Filling the Pre-Registration form at the typing centers within our Registration Center or Emirates Post Centers at a cost of 40 AED or free of charge from our website

2. Visiting in person the Registration center with the following documents:

UAE Nationals
– Pre-Registration Form (With 2D barcodes)
– Original Valid Passports
– Original Family Book

– Pre-Registration Form (With 2D barcodes)
– Original Valid Passport, with
– Valid Residency permit

GCC Citizens
– Pre-Registration Form (With 2D barcodes)
– Original Valid Passport, with
– Document to proof residency in UAE (valid work certificate, or certified and valid lease / ownership of real state)

• Children’s below 2-years must be present at the Registration Center along with 2 Personal Photos (5.5X4.5) size, with light-blue Background
• Colored contact lenses or Hand Henna (for ladies) are not allowed; Traditional-wear based on applicant nationality is preferred

To manage the load at EIDA registration centers, EIDA is now offering Mobile Registration Service.

Download links for Free Application Generation Software for Emirates ID Card

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Emirates ID Card Must for Children Under 15, Exempt Only If Visa Expires This Year

According to Emirates Identity Authority (Eida), all children, aged below 15 years, must register for Emirates ID cards, ahead of the October 1 deadline, or incur penalty of Dh20 per day, up to a maximum of Dh1,000.

However, exception will be given to children whose parents have residence visa up to November or December this year. They can apply for the Emirates ID, when they renew their visa.

The fees for the nationals are Dh100 for five years, plus Dh70 for typing fee and other charges, and for the expats, it is Dh100 for every year, plus Dh70 for typing and other charges.

The children need not be present while registering for the Emirates ID, and the process can be completed by the parent, after going to a typing centre with a coloured passport photograph of the child (with a white background) and the original passport .

According to the Eida, the expired cards must be renewed within 30 days of its expiration.

EIDA is turning out one deadline for another, and then blames expats for being complacent.

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Emirates ID Card to replace Labor Card soon

emirates id card to replace labor cardIt is now reported that the Emirates ID Card will soon replace the Labor Card – the expected date for this is somewhere in June 2012.

Saqr Gobash Saeed Gobash, Minister of Labour, has said that the decision would be implemented as soon as the Emirates National Identity Authority (Eida) was sure that all expatriates in the UAE were registered and had applied for the Emirates ID.

“After the completion of ID registration of all expatriates in the country, the labour card will be eradicated and replaced by the Emirates ID,” he said.

Dubai residents, whose residence visas expire this year, can register and renew their ID cards at the time of renewal of their visas.

Learn more about Emirates ID Card.

Another expansion in Emirates ID Card deadline for Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Another expansion in Emirates ID Card deadline for Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Were you worried that this time EIDA gonna get you for not registering for Emirates ID Card? Seems, you were wrong. Again.

Emirates Identity Authority has yet again pushed forward the deadline for Identity Cards. This time for Abu Dhabi and Dubai residents, respectively by March 31 and May 31.

It has not been confirmed whether expats who work for government, semi-government and free zone companies and have not registered for their EIDs yet are fined or not.

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EIDA Launched Online Application System for Emirates ID Cards

EIDA Launched Online Application System for Emirates ID CardsEmirates Identity Authority (Emirates ID) has launched online application system for expatriates in the UAE.

Now all net-savvy residents can apply for and renew their Emirates ID cards online at EIDA website without visiting a typing centre.

Gulf News reports the residents who apply for national ID cards online using a credit card will be able to save the Dh30 typing fee.

The online application for Emiratis was already test launched on December 29.

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Emirates Post Office to discard ID Cards not picked up in 30 days

EmpostThe Emirates Identity Authority has informed ID card applicants today through advertisements in local dailies that they must pick up their ID cards from Empost centres within 30 days of notification, or risk losing their card and the fees paid by them.

“30 days is the limit for picking up your ID card from an Emirates Post Office,” the ads published today said. “If not picked up, your card will be discarded and your fees will be forfeited,” it adds in bold red, without mincing any words.

UAE residents applying for the mandatory Emirates ID are notified of the ID card via SMS to their mobile phones. For those unsure of the status of their ID card application, the authority offers the facility to track the status of their applications for new, renewed or replacement cards by entering the application number or previous ID card number through its website,

The other option is to call the authority’s contact centre (600 5 30003), and once the card has been delivered to Emirates Post, customers can track and trace their cards by visiting

According to the Emirates ID’s statistics, 43 per cent of the customers picked up their ID cards 2 days after they had been notified accordingly. This compared to 20 per cent of the customers who picked up their ID cards after 4 days, 16.5 per cent within 7 days and 5 per cent within 14 days, while 16 per cent of the customers picked up their ID cards only after the elapse of more than 14 days from the date they were notified accordingly.

The Authority has called upon those customers who do not receive a notification within 30 days from the date of completion of registration procedures to call its contact center as their contact details could have been incorrectly entered in their registration form.

From: Emirates24x7

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Emirates ID Card renewal must with job change

Emirates ID Card

Here is another shocker from Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA). According to a report, ID Card renewal is a must with a job change.

Residents who change jobs will have to renew their National Identity Cards as well, according to Emirates Identity Authority (Eida).

Those who change their residency visas and do not renew their ID cards will be considered as violating law and will be required to pay fines, reported ‘Al Ittihad’ newspaper.

Eida urged residents to keep a close watch on the expiry of ID cards vis-a-vis visa validity to avoid paying fines.

Abdul Aziz Sultan Al Ma’amari, Director, Public Relations and Marketing, Eida, said: “The Authority appeals to public to check validity of their residency visas and ID cards. Those who change or renew their residence visas or transfer sponsorships must speed up their ID card renewal process in order to meet the deadline given for each emirate to avoid paying fines.”

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EIDA announced another deadline for Residents and Locals

Emirates Identity Card

In order to lure expats and Emiratis to register for Emirates ID Card, EIDA announced daily fines for those who have not yet came under the net. The deadline was Sept 4.

It is not clear whether any of the residents are fined yet. However, Arabian Business reports a new announcement from EIDA that seems to be a deadline extension.

According to the report, Emiratis have until October 31 to register for their Emirates ID card before they will incur fines of AED20 per day. Children under the age of 15 years old will be exempt from any penalties until October 1, 2012 while late fees will be introduced in four phases depending on the emirate of residence.

UAE residents will be charged AED20 per day for failing to register for a card, delaying the renewal of a card, or failure report changes in personal data. Penalties will not exceed AED1,000 and will be collected during the residency visa renewal process from January 2012.

The cost for a five-year card is AED100 for Emiratis, while expatriates pay AED100 for each year the card is valid.

Residents who already own an ID cards have until October 31, 2011 to apply for new cards expiring up to that date. All card holders, except children under the age of 15, have 30 days to renew their card from the expiry date.

According to EID, the waiting time at registration points has been cut from 30 to five minutes. Residents issued with a receipt following their registration will be exempt from any late penalties, providing they complete the registration by visiting the centre at the appointed time, the agency said.

Updates from Emirates 24|7:

The final deadline for UAE nationals to enrol their names in the Population Register and ID Card (PRIDC), prior to implementing the fine is October 31, 2011.

For expatriates above 15 years of age, the registration deadlines are a bit relaxed, and will be implemented in four phases:

December 1, 2011: All expatriates in the Northern Emirates (Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain and Ajman), in addition to all employees in the federal and local public sector and semi-government organisations and their families.

February 1, 2012: All expatriates in Sharjah

April 1, 2012: All expatriates in Abu Dhabi

June 1, 2012: All expatriates in Dubai

However, expatriates without ID Card registration looking to renew their residence visa after December 31, 2011, will have to foot the late fee.

Residents without Emirates ID Cards have to pay daily fines

Emirates Identity Card

The Emirates ID Authority (Eida) has announced to levy daily fines on residents and Emiratis if they fail to possess Emirates ID Card, with effect from Sunday, September 4.

Residents have to pay fine of AED20 for each day they fail to possess an Emirates ID card.

The ruling also lays out daily fines for residents that fail to renew their ID cards within 30 days of the expiry date, or to update key data within a 30-day period.

The decision would be effective 60 days from date of issue on July 5.

From: Arabian Business