Dubai Typing Centers not accepting Medical Test applications

dubai medical typing center
Most typing centers in Dubai are no longer accepting applications after new standards were introduced by authorities. The typing centers are diverting applicants to DHA Medical Fitness Centers for filling up application forms for medical fitness tests, required for visa renewal.

Reportedly, the typing centers have stopped processing medical fitness test applications as they are unable to meet “new DHA requirements”.

The new requirements include a new electronic system, a deposit amount of around AED 20,000, and a minimum space requirement.

There has been no public announcement directing applicants to visit DHA centers rather than typing centers.

Expats are required to pass screening for certain infectious diseases before they can be issued a UAE residency visa. The application for taking the Medical Fitness tests are prepared by authorized typing centers. Applicants can also have the paperwork done at counters within DHA Medical Fitness Centers.

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