Dubai taxis to accept Nol card, debit and card payments

Nol Card Dubai

Dubai taxi users can now pay their fares via Nol, debit and credit cards, the Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai (RTA) has announced recently.

The move came as a result of the signing of a partnership between the RTA and payment solutions provider Network International. The card payment system will be introduced in phases and is due to be fully installed in all taxis by mid 2015.

Nol Cards and bank credit and debit cards of various types from all around the world can be used to pay the taxi fares to smoothly and easily facilitate payment without the trouble of finding ATMs, in case cash is not in hand.

Previously, RTA launched Go4it, a co-branded credit card jointly launched by RTA, Emirates NBD, and Visa International, to combine features of a Visa Credit card and RTA Nol card, which is used for public transport travel in Dubai.

Nol cards can also be used for buses traveling between Dubai and Sharjah.

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