Careem to offer on demand Dubai Taxis

Careem has started to offer booking of RTA operated Dubai Taxis through its app.

careem dubai taxi rtaExisting customers will see the new “Taxi” car type as an option and new users to Careem will need to download the app from their app store and register an account to get started. No credit card details are needed to do so.

When selecting “Taxi” as the car type, Careem will then match them to the closest Dubai taxi in their area. The customer will see their app screen change to “booking confirmed” and they will see the taxi number on screen so that they can easily identify their driver.

The RTA will be notified of the booking and the customer’s mobile will be passed onto them, linking them to the booking. They may share the customer’s mobile number with their driver to ensure both parties successfully find each other.

Unlike booking Careem car types, the service does not offer customers email or SMS receipts, instead they will need to ask their driver for a paper receipt at the end of the journey.

All fares need to be settled in cash, or paid by credit card when the driver has a credit card machine available.

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